That's How He Rolls!

The KingKing Sisyphus wasn't always trapped in Hades endlessly toiling under his stone.

Once he lived in the world just like you - except he was a king, and an evil one at that.

So perhaps the similarities stopped earlier. But just as he was evil, he was also cunning and never found himself trapped in a way that he couldn't find a way out somehow. The Curse of Sisyphus tells the King's tale from his days on Earth where he abused his wealth and power to get even more, through his sentence in Hades and perhaps even beyond. Learn the Physics of motion and gravity with The Curse of Sisyphus on the iTunes bookstore, here. Also look for The Thirteenth Labor of Heracles, here, where you can join Heracles in his last Labor and learn a bit about the gas laws while you're at it.

Heracles is a Gas!

HeraclesHeracles labored and labored and labored to free himself from his own crushing guilt.

In addition to the twelve well known labors of Heracles, he had one more. One that taught him much about the nature of reality

Join him in the Thirteenth Labor of Heracles, hereto learn the laws that explain how gasses act under conditions of various temperature, pressure and volume.

And don't miss the adventures of Sisyphus as he learns the Physics of motion and gravity in The Curse of Sisyphus.

A Fraction of the Zombie He Used to Be

In Parts

Zombies in the Schoolyard!

Panic?! No, it's a great opportunity for two students to get some real-world experience in working with fractions.

In Parts tells the story of a zombie attack and how the teachers and students rise to the occasion to save their school.

Help dispatch the zombie threat one part at a time. 1/4 2/4 3/4 4/4!

If you like, In Parts, please look for the second installment, Multiple Zombies.

here, to see how multiplication helps find our hero's way home.

These Things are Really Adding Up


Clearing out zombies from the school was only the beginning.

Be sure to read In Parts first to hear how teachers and students rise to the occasion to save their school.

Then follow the kids as they make their way home and clear the neighborhood in time for milk and cookies.